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SNCB Europe provides passenger transport in Europe, particularly through its partnerships with Thalys, Eurostar and TGV.  It also markets its products through various channels:  internet, travel agencies and stations

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International passenger transport is the bearer of our colours abroad and remains one of the main vectors of the image of the SNCB.  In 2010, international traffic was opened up to competition.

Directeur général SNCB Europe Michel Jadot

SNCB Europe intend to earn recognition as a powerful brand of international rail services, offering new services with the best possible monitoring. We also want to demonstrate that SNCB Europe participates in the supply of high-speed trains that pass through Belgium (Thalys, Eurostar, TGV) and of standard international trains (Treski, EC).

Michel Jadot
General manager, SNCB Europe

International passenger transport operates in a competitive market. In most cases, the Management of SNCB Europe works in collaboration with international partners for the supply of high-speed trains and standard international trains. The SNCB holds participations in Thalys and Eurostar.

It is the ambition of the SNCB to connect Belgium to the rest of Europe rapidly and comfortably, while respecting the environment. Our country is a major hub in the high-speed network of Western Europe.

The SNCB offers direct connections with:

  • the major cities in our neighbouring countries (Paris, London, Amsterdam, Cologne);
  • certain tourist destinations in France;
  • (during the season) several ski resorts in Austria.

The objective of the SNCB is to offer both international business passengers and tourists a variety of quality services specific to the needs of each customer.

The SNCB has a vast distribution network for all types of international tickets and also provides travel agencies with access to a booking system that is easy to use.  With the development of online shopping, booking seats on the most important international trains quickly and easily from home has become child’s play.

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