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atelier central de Cuesmes

  • Cuesmes central workshop has been a railway workshop since the end of the 19th century. Throughout its history, it has ensured the maintenance, repair and modernisation of various railway vehicles: locomotives, carriages, wagons, cranes and material for service of railway lines.
  • Cuesmes central workshop also manufactures and repairs railway material parts. Various mechanical and metal constructions have been built over its history and others are planned for the coming years. This workshop therefore specialises in welding and has expertese in several areas, particularly assemblages in special steels and aluminium.

    The activity of the central workshop is diversified according to the needs of the various railway activities. Until 2009, the workshop specialised in wagons (railway material for goods transport) and maintaining boxed wheelsets. It now modernises, maintains and repairs carriages (railway material for passenger transport).

    One of the workshop's strong points is the diversity of the staff’s skills. Cuesmes central workshop prioritises quality, continuous improvement, the health of the workers, customers and local residents, and safety and respect for the environment based on the provisions established in standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

    Cuesmes central workshop is one of the maintenance and railway material workshops of the Technics department of SNCB (B-TC for short). It depends on the “production” service (B-TC.2) and is not a legal entity distinct from SNCB. This entails the situation whereby part of its activities are organised by other services or departments of the SNCB Group.

    Cuesmes central workshop manages within the limits of its skills and abilities the various processes ranging from research and development to the commercialisation of products.

    The liberalisation of rail transport in the European Community has greatly increased competition, not only in the field of transport, but also in logistics sectors including the maintenance of railway vehicles. Cuesmes central workshop has given itself the strategic objective of evolving, in particular to respond better to the demands of its clients in terms of quality, health, safety and the environment so as to achieve the best possible positioning in this changing environment.


Atelier Central de Cuesmes
Avenue Joseph Wauters, 124
7000 Mons (Belgium)

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