Hasselt traction workshop

Workshop Activities

atelier de traction d'HasseltHasselt traction workshop is responsible for maintaining electrical locomotives and electrical railcars. It also maintains diesel carriages and the very latest double level carriages.


AT Hasselt
Kuringersteenweg 324
3511 Hasselt (Kuringen)

Route Map

picto carte Download a detailed workshop access map here

By bus:

Go to the bus station and take bus no H1 for Kermt. Get off at Hasselt GB (Carrefour). Go back towards the Kuringersteenweg, cross at the pedestrian crossing and then turn right. Follow the Kuringersteenweg until you are between the two railway bridges and then take the little exit path on the left which runs alongside the new Infrabel building. Pass the car park on your left and you will reach the traction workshop (with the workshop on the left and the Administrative Building on the right). Announce yourself at the staff office.

On foot:

Exit Hasselt station by the main entrance and take the Bampslaan (opposite). Follow this road as far as the Koningin Astridlaan and then turn left. Continue along this avenue (it changes its name and becomes the Kuringersteenweg). Cross the ring and pass by Carrefour. From here, follow the itinerary by bus (above). (en bus).

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