What does the Transport department do?

The Transport department is exclusively responsible for operational management. It organises the national train service, from drawing up timetables to monitoring rail traffic in real time. As part of its work, it also manages rolling stock, drivers, train guards and safety.

More specifically, the Transport department is responsible for:

  • developing the Transport Plan and organising passenger train timetables;
  • monitoring the Transport Plan and updating it in December and June each year;
  • informing and training staff involved with the Transport Plan;
  • rolling stock and driver scheduling;
  • managing and training train guards;
  • operational management of train services and deploying them locally;
  • operational safety, passenger and staff safety.

What are the main priorities for the future?

  • To guarantee passenger, staff and train safety (operational safety, social safety, occupational safety).
  • To improve the punctuality of rail traffic (in collaboration with other departments).
    • Greater availability and reliability of rolling stock;
    • Awareness-raising (comprehensive activities on the ground);
    • Closer operational collaboration between Infrabel and SNCB;
    • Limiting significant delays;
    • Robustness of the 2014 Transport Plan.
  • To give customers a quality service.
    • Giving customers organised information in real time (in stations, on trains, via social media);
    • Clean trains;
    • Assisting people with reduced mobility, groups.

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